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We help our clients create reliable and efficient IT networks by supporting their technology for them, or working together with their existing IT staff. We have one of the most experienced IT service teams in the Midwest and we're eager to earn your business with our outstanding on-site and remote IT support!

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October 16 - 2014 Webinar Series: The Changing World of Wireless with Xirrus

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Improving your wireless situation

Wireless is not glamorous, but it is becoming one of the most important parts of a school's infrastructure. And it will become that important in the corporate world soon. Gartner has said the average college student has 13 wireless devices (that...
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Where is 1-to-1 headed in Iowa K12?

So it has been a while for our discussion on 1-to-1 in school districts in the state of Iowa. There have been many improvements, new technology, and also new thought processes that have been made since we originally analyzed it. I thought it would...
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Configuring and customizing more form items in...

In a previous Tech Tip, we showed you how to quickly add basic form items like textfields, checkboxes, drop-down lists, and date pickers, by accessing the Developer toolbar on the Ribbon. This Tech Tip shows you how to configure and customize more...
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New server or move to the cloud?

Many organizations we talk to are starting to think about their next server upgrade. Here are some common questions we get.  Do I need a server? What about the cloud? Is there a less expensive way? These are all good questions. The answers can...
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Customize your PowerPoint presentation with Slide...

If you’re wasting time laboriously updating the background image, fonts, colors, and more on every slide of your lengthy PowerPoint presentation, you’re probably saying, “There must be a better way to do this!” And there is. Enter the power of slide...
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HTS Service Model: How May We Help You?

We have a very dedicated team of talented IT engineers and technicians that do a great job and we are pleased to have them on our HTS team. You have likely worked with a few of them over the last several months as they responded to your various...
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Success Stories

Krajicek Enterprises

A family-owned business revitalizes their infrastructure with a new server, firewalls, and software upgrades

Snyder Construction Co.

After the Joplin tornado, a construction company gets back on its feet with a complete infrastructure solution.

Jasper County Prosecuting Attorney's Office

Government office benefits from managed services and firewall security

Zimmerman Sales & Services

Business poised for more growth with productivity tools